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April 12, 2021

12 Best Places To Practice Surfing And Yoga In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and is very well-known for the rainforest’s it has, its bio-diversity, the great adventure tours, great surfing options and warm welcoming locals too.

Apart from that, Costa Rica is now also well-known amongst yoga enthusiasts as one of the top destinations for yoga retreats. If you are heading to Costa Rica and do not know where to practice yoga, we have several options and the best places to practice yoga in Costa Rica for you. Please check the Costa Rica yoga places out below and be well-informed.

1. Anamaya resort

Anamaya resort

Right above the peaceful and beautiful bohemian town of Montezuma, lies Anamaya resort. The resort is a luxury boutique yoga retreat center, with majestic views of the rainforest and the ocean that makes it so spectacular and surreal for you to practice yoga in. At the center, you get to have yoga retreats and sessions, and there are yoga teacher training courses as well. There are even individual and customized classes held all through the year too. The retreat center also is known for its organic restaurant and the gorgeous spa it has.

2. Drift Away Eco Lodge

Drift Away Eco Lodge

Well-known as a top recommendation when it comes to going to the best yoga retreat center in Costa Rica. It offers the visitor a very perfect setting for a relaxing and intimate retreat, and for those who want to relax and unwind in the arms of nature, this is the spot to be at. It is a very peaceful place to stay at and you can immerse yourself in the quaint tranquility the place has to offer. This is why this center becomes a top recommendation where you can relax and reset and hence makes it perfect for you. You get to have three organic meals a day, and there are daily yoga classes to attend as well. This is a holiday for those who want a flexible and a relaxed experience. Per day there are two yoga classes offered in the garden yoga shala, and they are conducted by highly experienced instructors that cater to all- from beginners to experienced alike.

3. Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa

Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa

Located on the famous Osa peninsula, Blue Osa Costa Rica is a retreat center which is an eco-friendly destination, and is situated also very close to the beach. Over here you can host a retreat or join one, or create your own customized yoga vacation too. Meals served here are organically sourced, and they are served in a communal setting too.

4. Blue Spirit Costa Rica

Blue Spirit Costa Rica

Blue Spirit Costa Rica is a well-known center for world-class yoga and meditation. This is a center that provides the best and the most extraordinary setting to everyone that comes here and wants spiritual transformation, environmental sustainability and personal growth. Over here you have yoga retreats, and even yoga teacher trainings as well. There are even meditation retreats that you can join and enjoy. There are winter classes with the famous Omega Institute and there are other programs that help transform your life too. You are served delicious gourmet vegetarian meals, and there is a holistic spa that you can immerse your senses in. There are also saltwater infinity pools, excursions by the day and very cozy housing as well.

5. Pranamar Villas & Yoga Retreat

Pranamar Villas & Yoga Retreat

Pranamar is inspired by the
Balinese way of life and hence the boutique follows suit on same lines as well.
This hotel is located in Santa Teresa on the Playa Hermosa. All through the
year, there are many yoga retreats that take place over here, and this includes
the famous one through the well-known Vajra Sol Yoga Adventures.  To both the guests and the locals, the daily
yoga classes are open. The studio to practice in is an open one and is known as
the shala. It is a divine experience certainly to practice yoga with the wide
views of the mighty ocean. After yoga practice, you can indulge in an
organically and locally sourced meal at their restaurant.

6. Montezuma Yoga

Montezuma Yoga

Located in the Hotel Los Mangos, right outside the village of Montezuma, the Montezuma Yoga School offers daily classes, retreats, and workshops in a paradisiacal setting. Seek happiness and deepen your yogic practice at their wooden pavilion that looks directly into the ocean. Their Yoga & Surf, Yoga & Wellness, and Yoga & Spanish packages are open for all levels. Come aboard and get inspired by abundant nature, yogic life values, healthy meals, likeminded people and skillful instructions that will help you enhance your practice and create memories of a lifetime.

7. Nosara Yoga Institute

Nosara Yoga Institute

Since the year 1994, the famous Nosara yoga institute has been well-known across the globe and by locals as a center for retreats and yoga teacher training. The center is world-class and state of the art and hosts retreats all through the year, along with community classes, yoga teacher training and more. Nosara is also well-known as the wellness capital of Costa Rica and it is a place where you can find a lot of inner peace and tranquility. You get to completely zen out here and embrace the yogi lifestyle completely.

8. Cala Luna

Cala Luna

Just a skip away from Playa Langosta is Cala Luna, which is a luxury
boutique hotel. The hotel has a number of detached villas with their own
private pools, driveways, kitchens and even backyards too. The place is very
safe and secure, and is surrounded by lush vegetation. At this place, you would
see a lot of wildlife as well, such as tropical birds, the howler monkeys, even
iguanas and more. The yoga studio or the shala is in an open space. Monkeys are
known to pass through the shala via the trees.

9. Samasati Nature Retreat

Samasati Nature Retreat

Whether you are a dedicated yogi or a non-yogi, this is a retreat center that you must visit. This retreat center is located in Costa Rica on the Caribbean side. There are two meditation and yoga centers with Samasti Nature Retreat, and there is a juice bar as well as an open-air eatery. There is even an outdoor jacuzzi and a gorgeous spa to indulge your senses in.

10. Punta Mona

Punta Mona

Known as the ‘land of freedom’, Punta Mona is located on the Caribbean coast. This is an educational center along with a retreat center that offers permaculture workshops, herbal medicine workshops, sustainable building workshops, yoga and also yoga teacher training too. The philosophy they work with is to live in an environment being conscious with each other.

11. Costa Rica yoga spa

Costa Rica yoga spa

The CostaRica yoga spa is situated in Nosara on the mountain of a private ranch, which is near Guanacaste on the Gold coast of Costa Rica. This is a boutique resort and a wellness center which looks out into the famous Ostional National Wildlife Park and the Pacific Ocean. This is the place where you would find plenty of Olive Ridley turtles coming to nest all through the year, and also a place where a wide range of birds make it their sanctuary. In short, this place is nothing less than breathtaking. Staying at the Costa Rica yoga spa you get to have a healthy and a very organic vegetarian breakfast every day, and all the ingredients are sourced from their permaculture garden. You also get to join a yoga class daily and have a daily beach trip as well. There are a variety of spa services on offer as well and adventure activities too. You can even personalize your retreat or vacation as you want.

12. Waterfall Villas (Playa Dominical, Osa Peninsula)

Waterfall Villas (Playa Dominical, Osa Peninsula)

Waterfall Villas, the name itself resounds of a boutique hotel and is also a retreat center where sustainability is of prime focus. You also get vegan cuisine here and get to detox from daily life too. There are plenty of good options at Waterfall Villas for yoga all year round. At their retreats, you get to focus on body detoxification, yoga, meditation, eating healthy and focusing on the mind-body connection too. Apart from the scheduled retreats, there are private yoga retreats for individuals and couples alike, and if you are traveling in a small group, there are customized options as well.

In a nutshell…

So here were some of the best places to practice yoga in Costa Rica. If you have been to Costa Rica and to any of these places, we would like to know what your experience was like. Do write in!

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