April 29

Meditation: A 5-Minute Guided Practice For Better Focus


Our friends at greatest.com explains how we all have time to meditate (as long as we are willing to make the effort and give ourselves just five munites!).

With so much on your plate, meditation might seem like the last thing you have time to do. But this guided meditation takes just five minutes. Yep, in less time than it takes to scroll through your Instagram feed, you’ll tap into your inner calm so you can tackle the rest of the day feeling relaxed and focused.

All you need is some peace and quiet and a comfortable place to sit. Surrounded by chaos? Simply plug in some headphones. You don’t even need to watch this video—just close your eyes, follow along with the audio cues, and remember to breathe. Via greatist.com

Watch the video and remember this: if you don't take care of yourself first and foremost, how can you truly take care of anyone else properly too?


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