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REVIEW: Is The Venus Factor Weight Loss System One That Really Works?

If you're like I am, you've been looking for a diet and fitness system that is truly created especially for women – not one that claims it is good for both men and women but then blows up in our faces. One of the best systems I have found is the Venus Factor, which uses a revolutionary approach in how to transform the female body for fat and flabby to fit and feminine. You may have even heard some of the buzz created by this product and how it has been proven to work.

An Honest Look at the Venus Factor System

Come travel with me as I take an in-depth look at this exclusively-women's weight loss program and see if the Venus Factor is what you are looking for as well. Also please note: All though I am giving an honest review, if you purchase through the link I provide at the end, I will get an affiliate commission.

Does this sound like you: You look in the mirror, either at home or at work, and become highly critical about what you see? Do you find that your lifestyle and work habits cause you to be less active, such as sitting at a desk and skipping the gym because you have kids or other pressing matters to attend to? Have you been surprised at how the weight just seems to sneak up on you, and now it's a constant struggle to get the weight off? If any of this sounds familiar, stop blaming yourself; there is more to this than you might first think.

img_celluliteEver wonder just why it is so bloody hard to lose the weight, and even if you succeed at that, it is such a chore to keep it off? I know that I have! What truly upset me was seeing my male friends and co-workers do the same diet and/or fitness plans, and the weight just appeared to melt for them while it was such a struggle for me. But here's what I figured out:

The old adage is true: men truly are different than women. Now before you just think, “Well, DUH!” let me explain. As a woman, your body is made to pack on the pounds, especially in the hips, buttocks, thighs and belly areas. This is to help us in child bearing, promoting a healthy pregnancy when food was scarce in the past. True, today we have an abundance of foods to eat but our old instincts and subconscious body habits still apply, so we need a system that is truly made expressly for a women's needs.

Let me tell you, I have tried the low-carb diet, the no-sugar diet, the diet full of fish oil pills while eating low-fat meals, the gluten-free diet, and even the juice diet. Many of these gave me moderate results, but never anything long-lasting or truly satisfying. But then I came upon the Venus Factor and learned that it really is different due to the fact it primarily focuses on the hormone protein called Leptin.

Leptin: What is it and Why is it Important?


According to MedicineNet.com, Leptin is, “A hormone produced mainly by adipocytes (fat cells) that is involved in the regulation of body fat. Leptin interacts with areas of the brain that control hunger and behavior and signals that the body has had enough to eat.” The interesting thing that is not contained in this definition is the fact that a man's body reacts to Leptin differently than a woman's body.

This is very important because for most of us, our Leptin indicators are shut off or sluggish, thus not properly telling us when we are full and no longer need to eat. So even if we cut down on calories, carbs, and so on, we also slow our own metabolisms, halting weight loss even further.

Ladies, Do Not Fear – the Answer Is Here!

Healthy-Woman-Tape-Measure-350x299What John Barban, creator of the Venus Factor, found was that women produce twice as much Leptin as men do, and there is a way to access Leptin for weight loss instead of sabotaging our efforts as it currently does. Please understand, this is not a gimmick but an actual scientifically-sound program that kick-starts your metabolism into high gear. Also, with the Virtual Nutritionist software, you will know exactly what groceries you need to buy for the highest chance of success.

This is a complete system. Not only is a healthy diet and nutritional advice provided, but also a 12-week exercise system that will mold your body into that firm, sexy shape you have so longed for. But that's not even what I consider the best part: After your purchase, you get access to the Venus Factor Community. These are women just like you and me who are working through the program, providing support, encouragement, and some amazing success stories.

How to Experience True Success with the Venus Factor System

With all that Venus Factor provides, you will find (as I have) that it is very simple to follow, yet flexible. At first, some of the exercises may seem demanding, but once you follow along with the videos you will find they are achievable. This will motivate you to continue on. John Barban's system even covers why women struggle, what to do to conquer that struggle, and separates facts from myths. No only that, but the diet plan is easy to follow and fully satisfying, avoiding the hunger pangs and cravings other diet plans give you.

I promise you, if you put in the work and stick with it, this is the best program for women's weight loss I have ever found. I am now living life to its fullest potential. Come join me and many others in this journey to a new sexy and shapely you!




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