Discover The Secret Weapon That Women Are Using To Easily Shrink Away Their Fat!

Dr. Ann De Wees Allen is in the forefront of scientific breakthroughs when it comes to diabetes research as well as the treatment of obesity and adipose tissue fat-storage – she has over 30 years of clinical research!

Dr. Allen’s recent breakthrough, which she calls Biomedical Skinny Science,  has found a way to make weight management  super easy through a patented method of thermogenic fat-burning!


Do you or anyone you know work for the weight loss industry?

Are you too busy or unable to properly exercise?

Would you like to have more energy without the crash from sugary energy drinks?

Would you like to get fit and finally lose those extra pounds?

Are you in need of hunger management and stress-eating controls?











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Take A Look At What People Are Saying About The Proprietary Low Glycemic Energy Drink
I have struggled all my life with my weight. I drank the Peach Mango Energy Tea twice a day and went from a size 18 to a Size 7!

Kelsey lost 70lbs!
I drank the Peach Mango Energy Tea twice a day and went from a size 10 to a size 5! I haven't been that size since High School!

Lynn lost 32lbs!

By answering these simple questions you're about to discover the secret weapon women just like you are using to lose weight easier than ever before.

These energy drinks are made with natural flavors and Dr. Allen's all-natural low glycemic sweetener, with only 15 Low Glycemic nutrient-dense calories and a special de-bloater to help get rid of extra water-weight.

You will see the shocking, research-supported and clinically proven solutions in the presentation once you have completed the above surveying questions.

What exactly will you be seeing in this informative presentation? 

  • This energy drink is easy to use, being designed for busy people on the go!
  • That this drink gets you on the fast track to controlling body fat and appetite!
  • It provides you with maximum natural sustained energy and mental clarity without the sugar crash!
  • Specifically designed for persons with the FTO Obesity Gene

These energy drinks are truly unique, and took two years to perfect. Some important nutrients taste really bad, but Dr. Allen refused to leave them out, because they help with balanced energy levels and homeostasis. What’s the point of making a thermogenic, fat burning, energy drink, if it tastes bad? So, Dr. Allen had to make them taste good – and they do.

So do yourself a favor: Take the quiz above and learn what you can do, starting today, to get on the fast trac to controlling both body fat and appetite!

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