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April 14, 2021

25 Best Yoga Retreats 2020 To Attend This Year

So you are looking for the best yoga retreats to attend in 2020?

Each year you spend a good amount of money for holidays and traveling. What if this year we spent the same money on holidays and traveling that includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness?

Experiencing a yoga retreat is one of the best holidays to invest in for your holistic wellbeing.

Choose from one of the most popular yoga destinations like India, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica, USA, Morocco, Spain as per your preference and budget.

Here are the 25 best yoga retreats to attend in 2020:

Nefeli Nine, Greece

NEFELI NINE, GREECE yoga retreat

Located in the southeastern European country of Greece, Nefeli Nine is a place you don’t feel like leaving once you experience the warmth, comfort, and beauty of this retreat amazing retreat center.

Nefeli Nine holds the no-nonsense week-long yoga and fitness retreats.
The retreats consist of yoga sessions, delicious, health-conscious food, hikes,
and meeting new and exciting people. The focus of these retreats is on
de-stressing, refreshing, and getting fit with yoga, food, and hikes.

With delicious food, incredible ambience, and a soul-soothing location, Nefeli Nine is one of the best yoga retreats of 2020.

Location: Athens, Greece

Upcoming Retreat: Luxury Hiking & Yoga Retreat in Greece

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Perumal Yoga, Morocco


Perumal Koshy, a highly experienced and warm-hearted yoga teacher,
offers yoga retreats in Morocco every year. Morocco is the perfect place to
visit in January when you need a break and want to connect with yourself with
some yoga, some ocean time, and delicious healthy food.

Their retreats also focus on detoxification of the body, profoundly
healing and opening yoga sessions, touring around Morocco, and other fun
activities that will help you feel relaxed and refreshed.

The retreats that are offered by Perumal are an excellent opportunity to learn from a grounded yoga teacher and learn more about yourself in this process.

Location: Marrakech, Morocco

Upcoming Retreat: 7 Day Marrakech Oasis Retreat,Morocco

Akasha Retreat, Romania


Located in Romania, a south eastern European country, Akasha retreat
offers various yoga, meditation, and detox retreats and holidays. They have
retreats that combine yoga and meditation, yoga and detox, yoga and hiking,
yoga and cooking, and even wine and yoga.

They also have various 3-day yoga and wellness retreats for those of us
that feel to take a break from the hectic city life and spend some time
connecting to Mother Nature, delve into the practice of yoga and eat some
soul-nourishing food.

Their mini weekend 3-night retreat is one of the best yoga retreats of 2020.

Location: Peștera, Romania

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Sun Salute Retreats, Tanzania


This beautifully spacious retreat is located on a pristine beach in
Tanzania called paradise beach and has an aura of peace and serenity. The
retreat is supported by the calming blue waters of the Indian Ocean and has two
spacious yoga decks facing the magnificently beautiful Indian Ocean.

Their retreats include yoga sessions with highly experienced yoga teachers, delicious healthy food with vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan options, jungle safaris, and so much more. Their nine-day yoga and safari retreat is one of the best yoga retreats for 2020.

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Sunny Yoga, Thailand


Located in the mystical island of Koh Phangan, Sunny offers some of the
best yoga sessions in Koh Phangan. She offers yoga retreats, breathwork
retreats, daily yoga sessions, and teacher training courses in Koh Phangan.

Sunny is a beautiful teacher and the yoga retreats she organizes are profoundly nurturing, where you also get the space to understand yoga and yourself better and on deeper levels. Her retreats are affordable and are sure to instill a deep love and passion for yoga within you.

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Abundance Yoga Retreats, Italy


Nestled in the mighty mountains of Umbria in Italy, the Abundance yoga
retreats are sure to give you a fresh perspective on life and introduce you to
a life of sustainability, health, and self-development.

Their retreats focus on cultivating self-awareness and self-development,
nourishing the mind, body, and soul and developing a deeper connection to our
true abundant selves. They offer six nights seven days retreat in summer that
includes yoga sessions, meditation sessions, healing workshops, mountain hikes,
and so much more.

They also have other affordable yoga retreats that are held in the summer of June.

Location: Italy

The Chillhouse Canggu, Bali

The Chillhouse Canggu, Bali

Located in Bali, the Chillhouse Canggu is a breath of fresh air, and one
of the most loved yoga retreats in Bali. Their retreat includes two yoga
classes every day, surfing lessons, and delicious organic food.

Their retreat also includes body treatments to heal the mind, body, and soul. This retreat will definitely give you one of the best yoga holidays you can have in Bali. Their breakfast is rich and nutritious, and fruits are available all day – what more can one want on the perfect yoga holiday.

Location: Bali Indonesia

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Agnihotra Yoga Retreat, India


Located in Kerala, a luscious south Indian state that is known and loved
for being the home of Ayurveda and yoga in India. Agnihotra yoga retreat
specializes in Homa therapy that focuses on detoxification and rejuvenation of
the body, mind, and soul.

Their retreat includes one-on-one yoga sessions, group yoga, and meditation sessions, ayurvedic massages, cultural excursions, a boat trip, and mouth-watering delicious food. A perfect yoga retreat to attend in February, this is one of the best yoga retreats of 2020.

Location: Kerala, India

El Sabanero Eco-Lodge, Costa Rica


Located in Costa Rica, the country that is loved for its rainforests,
sublime beaches, and soul-stirring biodiversity, El Sabanero offers
international level yoga retreats. Their yoga retreats are focused on
revitalizing and harmonizing the body, mind, and soul.

Their six days yoga retreat includes two daily yoga classes, breathwork sessions, meditation sessions, chakra balancing workshops, dance, music, hikes, and so much more.

Location: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Upcoming Retreat: 6 Day Revitalize & Rejuvenate Yoga Retreat, Costa Rica

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Fykiada Retreats, Mykonos

Fykiada Retreats, Mykonos

Located in Mykonos, Fykiada retreats cooperate with the best yoga
teachers and healers from around the world. Mykonos is one the magical Greek
Islands loved for its pristine and sublime beauty.

The Fykiada retreats are run by two amazing women who make sure you have
the best experience and valuable time at the retreats. Their retreats are
personalized according to the needs of the group and are focused on healthy
food, yoga, hiking, and so much more.

Fykiada retreats offer some of the best locations for stay and retreats.

Location: Mykonos, Kythnos, Koufonisia

Go Natural, Jamaica


Located in Portland, Go natural is one of the best yoga retreats in the world that offer various types of yoga retreats. Their yoga retreats focus on yoga, meditation, and body cleanse and detoxification.

They believe that the natural state of the body that is made of bliss and purify can be achieved with yoga, meditation, and master cleanses.

Location: Portland, Jamaica

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Sagrada Wellness, Usa


Located in California, USA, Sagrada Wellness is one of the trending yoga retreats in America.

They offer various retreats like a weekend warrior yoga retreat, yoga
peace, and quiet retreat, yoga and writing retreat, yoga and meditation
retreat, yoga and Ayurveda retreat, and so many more other retreats that
involve working with yoga.

This retreat is nestled on a majestic hilltop and surrounded by preserved land, giving some of the best views of Mother Nature.

Location: California, USA

Swami’s Yoga Retreat, Australia


Located in Australia, Swami’s yoga retreats is one of the best yoga retreats of 2020. Their typical yoga retreat includes daily yoga classes and meditation sessions, therapeutic yoga classes, delicious breakfast, spa, and so much more.

This retreat also offers yoga teacher training courses and other wellness programs like stress management, weight management, stop smoking retreats, and lifestyle modification retreats.

Location: Kenthurst, Australia

Monte Da Orada, Portugal


Orada is a family run yoga retreat that is based on community and
soulful living. They offer various yoga retreats like yoga retreat for women,
wild yoga retreat that includes hiking and yoga, summer yoga retreat, and so
much more.

They also offer retreats for permaculture, surfing and bring in the much-needed yoga aspect in these retreats as well.

Location: Odemira, Portugal

Meditation Retreat, Peru


Located in Peru, the meditation retreat offers some of the best silent meditation retreats and the best yoga retreats in the world. Their yoga and meditation retreats are powerful, profound, and magical.

The magic of the amazon forests is well reflected in the soul-stirring spiritual retreats offered by the meditation retreat in Peru.

Location: Cusco, Peru

Himalayan Yoga Academy, Nepal


Nestled in the majestic Himalayan Mountains, this yoga academy offers
some of the best yoga retreats, yoga teacher training in Nepal, detox retreats
and meditation retreats.

They have various yoga retreats that range from 2 days and go up to 10 days. Their retreats include various ayurvedic therapy sessions, yoga sessions, chanting sessions, and other activities that will light up your soul from inside out.

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Whangarei Heads Yoga Retreat, New Zealand


Located in New Zealand, Whangarei heads have everything your soul needs
to heal, refresh, relax, and go back to the world, feeling peaceful and alive.
They offer daily yoga classes and yoga retreats, yoga teacher training.

They offer various yoga retreats that include hiking, natural healing, and so much more.

Location: Whangarei Heads, New Zealand

Welikande Yoga Retreat, Sri Lanka


Situated in Sri Lanka, this fantastic yoga retreat will take you back to
nature and revive your spirit as no other retreat can.

Their retreat includes daily restorative yoga sessions, breathwork, and
meditation sessions, trip to the refreshing waterfall, moon ceremony, and other
activities that will bring out the best in you.

One of the best yoga holidays you can have, this retreat is sure to soothe and awaken your soul like no other.

Location: Udispattuwa, Sri Lanka

Caribe Yoga, Dominican Republic


Caribe yoga is located in what is considered one of the most beautiful
spots of the Dominican Republic. They have some of the best yoga retreats for
2020 lined up for the year. They have a yoga and wellness retreat, Prana in
Paradise yoga retreat, and Samana retreat all coming up in March 2020.

In this yoga retreat in 2020, get ready for a heartwarming, mind-opening, and deeply rejuvenating experience.

Location: Dominican Republic

Amansala Yoga And Wellness, Mexico


Located in Tulum, one of the most loved and frequently visited places in Mexico, Amansala yoga offers some of the best yoga retreats in the world.

Located on the beach of Tulum, this remarkable yoga retreat offers you a
space to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city and find peace and tranquility
that you soul so deeply needs.

Their retreats include daily yoga, massages, Mayan clay treatment, and so much more.

Location: Tulum Quintana Roo Mexico

Upcoming Retreat: 7 Day Beach N Bliss Yoga Holidays, Mexico

Suncokret, Croatia


Suncokret is a holistic yoga retreat located in Croatia on one of the most beautiful islands known as the Hvar Islands. Their retreats are focused on the expansion and of the body, mind, and soul. Their retreats are rated as one of the best yoga retreats in the world in 2019.

Their seven-day body and soul yoga retreat consist of yoga sessions, outings and excursions, opening and closing circles, delicious food, and so much more.

Location: Hvar Island, Croatia

The Zest Life Retreat, England


Located in the United Kingdom, The Zest Life offers several three days,
four days, and five-day yoga retreats throughout the whole year. Their retreats
are focused on helping you connect back to nature and organic life.

This is the perfect retreat to go to take a break from the busy city
life and come back into connection with yourself. Their retreats are held amid
nature, where you can experience soul-soothing connection and relaxation.

They offer various wellness activities, beautifully designed yoga space, highly experienced yoga teachers, delicious and nourishing food, and holistic treatments for the healing and refreshment of your mind, body, and soul.

Location: United Kingdom

Iceland Yoga Retreat, Iceland


This sublime retreat is located in the northern part of Iceland and is
perfect for yoga lovers, adventure lovers, spiritual seekers, travel
enthusiasts, and retreat lovers.

They have yoga retreats planned out through the year. Their yoga retreat includes daily yoga sessions, horseback riding, ferry rides, daily sound meditation sessions, and so much more.

Location: ICELAND

The Cliffs Of Moher Retreat, Ireland


This retreat is sure to give you one of the best yoga holidays, as this is one of the best yoga retreats in the world. Located in Ireland, Moher Retreat offers various yoga retreats throughout the year from February to December.

Their yoga retreats revolve around finding beauty within ourselves and are led by fierce and experienced yoga teachers. With hiking, meditation, yoga, connecting to nature, and other activities that enrich the soul, this is one of the best yoga retreats of 2020.

Location: Clare, Ireland

Traveling and investing in your healing and expansion by going for a yoga retreat is one of the finest things you can do for yourself.

As Donna Farhi says, “Yoga does not remove us from the reality or
responsibilities of everyday life but rather places our feet firmly and
resolutely in the practical ground of experience. We don’t transcend our lives;
we return to the life we left behind in the hopes of something better.”

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