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November 19, 2018

TRI-Matrix MD: Super Honest Review Of New Health Supplement

I'm 33 years old and at the top of both my triathlon and CrossFit athletic careers. I train to win in both of these sports, so I basically never have an off season. I love it and thrive on these sports, but my body never really gets a break. Supplements have become, as you can imagine, a really important part of my training regimen. I have to recover fast, stay light, and build muscle as fast as I shred it! That's what I love about TRI-Matrix MD and why I had to write this review.

TRI-Matrix MD: Great Product Or Just A Fad?

TRI-Matrix MD makes a lot of claims, but like I said, I'm no stranger to supplements. This product is as close as I have seen to doing it all. Because I compete though, I have to be really careful not to take anything that is considered a “doping” drug – and so much is on that ever growing list it can be hard to keep up.

Human Growth Hormone - TRI-Matrix MD So, after talking to my coaches and double checking the rules, I loved that this product was legal. It's the best way to increase your Human Growth Hormone levels (aka the infamous “HGH”) in a natural way that is COMPLETELY drug legal. I repeat: this supplement will not get you banned for doping, but will increase your HGH. Yeah, it's pretty freaking awesome.

Real Science Produces Real Results

I try not get super into the science of it, but I have to know the basics for my own health and performance. Here's how I understand it, in layman's terms! TRI-Matrix MD has certified low glycemic pharmaceutical L-Arginine, which is a really fancy way of saying it has a stealth delivery system that helps your body naturally produce HGH, which in turn produces nitric oxide and reduces cortisol, which has a ton of awesome benefits.

Woman Flexing - Human Growth Hormone - TRI-Matrix MDOne of the best side affects of this stuff is that it helps me grow and keep muscle mass, while keeping my body fat in check. I mean, I'm putting in the work, but my body naturally tends toward being heavier. So, if I'm taking a break from competition for even a few weeks, my body starts packing on the weight. Or, well, it did before I started taking TRI-Matrix MD. Since I've started this supplement, it is so much easier to get back in the swing of things, because I'm not having to focus on losing weight first. It's just one less thing to stress over and lets me focus on improving my technique, form, and speed.

The Benefits Of TRI-Matrix MD Keep Increasing

I also noticed that my muscle recovery was faster when I'm taking this product. I think that is the HGH production and the lower cortisol. Since triathlons have a really short off season where I am in the South, most of the time my competition seasons for triathlon and CrossFit overlap. So I need every bit of recovery help I can get. (I also like that it helps to keep my sex drive up, even when I'm in high volume training and would typically be drained.)


Cortisol BAD - TRI-Matrix MD GoodI'm still young, but, it's never too early to start fighting the signs of aging, so I'm excited about that side benefit as well. It certainly can't hurt anything! And, I know that as I get older, my cortisol production will naturally increase. So, the fact that the TRI-Matrix MD helps keep that lower to begin with is a huge benefit. Cortisol is the athlete's worst nightmare!

Verdict: Best Health Supplement I've Found

No Stress Zone - TRI-Matrix MDIt is the so-called “stress” hormone that makes you gain weight, feel tired, and basically not perform well at all. I get stressed even thinking about cortisol, which just makes my body create more! It's a nightmare! But seriously, cortisol is why almost everyone gains weight as they get older. It's why everyone has those pudgy stomachs, which I never plan to get. So, I look at this just as much as a prevention formula as it is a performance formula. I told you TRI-Matrix MD did just about everything!

Overall, I'm really happy to see TRI-Matrix MD available to everyone. It's been my best kept secret to date, so let's just hope my competition doesn't read this. 😉 There used to be a similar product out there that I loved, and this is like a better updated version. The L-Arginine secret is just about the best kept one in competitive sports today, since the rules on anything HGH related have gotten so strict. Trust me, I've had blood samples taken and never had a problem.

Get Started Today with TRI-Matrix MD

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