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November 19, 2018

SkinnyGenex: Super Honest Review Of New Energy Drink Replacer

Bear with me, because this is going to be a long and in-depth review. I have a lot to say about SkinnyGenex!

Energy Drink That Thermogenically Burns Fat

First of all, I am finally seeing the weight fall off and I credit the SkinnyGenex for that! This product has been such a game-changer for me in so many ways. The weight loss is incredible because I was starting to lose hope. I'm not a teenager anymore and life is so crazy for me that weight loss has become really difficult. It didn't seem to matter how “good” I was. I think it's the thermogenic fat burner part that is doing the trick. Yes, I'm now losing weight like I did in my teens. It rocks!

SkinnyGenex makes you Energetic!On top of the weight loss though, I'm also at my maximum natural energy. More energy than I've seen in years. When I ordered the product, I had no idea what a ‘thermogenic fat burning energy drink' was, but I'm really glad I tried it. First of all it's sustained energy, not like the typical energy drinks that are just full of caffeine that goes straight into your system. I love that the SkinnyGenex ingredients spread the energy out over the entire day, instead of overwhelming my system and making me jittery.

Real Proven Science To Back Up Their Claims

I admit though that when I first came upon Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles, I was skeptical. They were making a lot of claims and throwing a lot of science at me. I mean, I still really don't know what a FTO Obesity Gene really does, but I'm pretty sure I have it. All of the things the website was saying about hunger management and stress eating controls seemed to be speaking directly to me. I dove in and tried to understand the science (as much as I'm able to!) and the information about the Anti Glucose Matrix made sense.

Science behind SkinnyGenex

Since this is an energy drink, I went into it expecting some side effects, but I can honestly say that the SkinnyGenex side effects are zero. That amazed me from day one. I couldn't believe that I could get these results without any problems.

I really want everyone to understand that this product has been such a big game changer for me. Don't be afraid to try it. I know that not many people have heard of a thermogenic fat burning energy drink. It sounds weird, but, I can honestly say that it has worked for me.

Great Product With Awesome Results

Oh, I also wanted to mention taste. I was really worried about that too. The SkinnyGenex is really easy to drink. I'm not going to say it is my favorite tasting thing ever, but it is a really good, easy to drink beverage. It just sort of tastes like any other fruity tea. Certainly not bad.

Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles is a great company to order from because they have really done the heavy lifting on the science. They aren't just another fly-by-night supplement company. They have done their research! If you try SkinnyGenex, I know you won't be disappointed. It's really the best thing that's ever happened to me.

I've lost several inches and am almost to my goal weight. I will warn you though, you'll lose the inches first. The product does a really good job of de-bloating you. (I'm not even sure that is a word, but it should be!) That alone is a huge confidence booster, because you feel it almost immediately.

SkinnyGenex Benefits Keep Coming Through

If you look at the SkinnyGenex ingredients, they aren't even scary. This is a natural product that somehow turns your own fat against itself. At least that's my understanding of the thermogenic fat burner part. But honestly, at this point, if I look and feel good, that is what really matters to me.

Improved Sex Drive - SkinnyGenexI have a better sex drive too! Maybe it is the confidence, maybe it is the energy, but I'm a lot more social and flirty. It's fun to get hit on when you feel good! Maybe that part is just me, I can't say it will work for you, but I really love this stuff so I'm just trying to be honest. Even if it is TMI!

I'm telling you, if you are drinking regular old energy drinks and trying to manage hunger control then this product will save your life. Just make sure you order from Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles, otherwise you'll get some crazy knock-off product. It's worth it, I promise!

Get Started Today with SkinnyGenex

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