April 30

This Vegan Rapper is the O.G. of Eco Hip-Hop (That’s Original Gardener)


How's this for a story? Young man goes from gang member to vegan rapper. No, this isn't a new attempt by Hollywood to reach our youth with some kind of message movie – this is the real deal! Covered by NBC News:

With his wife Alkemia Earth at his side, hip hop environmentalist DJ Cavem Moetivation says he seeks to transition thug life to “that kale life” in the black community. [He desires to see] ” A greener time. When farmer's markets stocked with fresh fruits and veggies would inhabit every corner; yoga studios and juice bars would abound. Instead of concrete and litter in every direction, freshly-planted trees and community gardens would be commonplace; black people would self-medicate with nectarines instead of narcotics and try cannabis in lieu of chemotherapy.”

I love the vision that this young man has! Just imagine the difference to our planet, our nation, our cities, and our neighborhoods would have if what he dreams for the future became reality? So who exactly is “DJ Cavem Moetivation”?

I'm an emcee, father, husband, midwife, producer, environmental activist, deejay, Founder and Executive Director of Going Green Living Bling. I have an album out called “The Produce Section” that's available on iTunes and you can stream it for free on Spotify. I wear many hats.

I also present a lot on urban organic farming, holistic healthcare, (environmental) sustainability and green job development. One of our goals is changing the perception of hip hop, which originally was a positive movement and literally meant ‘intelligent movement.' As the commercialization of hip hop progressed into a multi-billion dollar industry, corporations began partnering with hip hop to use it as a platform to market destructive ideas, imagery and, more importantly, bringing unhealthy food to consumers.

I believe there's a place for hip hop to have a role in the positive change that we need in our community.

This truly gives me hope for our future. I also believe that hip hop does not have to be always a negative force for spreading bad ideals and advocating destructive lifestyle choices. Just think how cool it would be to have positive messages delivered with awesome hip hop music?!

I will continue to watch “DJ Cavem Moetivation” as well as other young people who look to make our world a better place. And I just might have to download his album from iTunes while I'm at it…


Via NBCnews.com


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